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Below you can find some of our favorite reviews from our patients.

Kayden B

It's always a pleasure taking my children to see Dr. Marn. I've had issues with other dentist in past but I have to report at Urban Pediatric Dental. My son needed extensive dental work and Dr. Marn did an excellent job and my son had minimal pain. The office I go to is located in Chinatown and I am African American but I never experienced any negative treatment or biases whatsoever. The office is full of trained billingual professionals and I highly recommend them.

Seongshin Kim

I wish I could give 10 starts to Urban Pediatric Dental!! My son had cavities and they got infected. We went to see several pediatric dentists in NYC, but no doctor was as thorough, professional and caring as Dr. Marn at the Urban Pediatric Dental. My child was only 3 at that time, and we were so nervous to put him through the oral procedures but she explained every step and process very clearly and thoroughly, showing pictures of similar cases. After the surgery and all procedures were done, I couldn't be more impressed what an outstanding job she did with his teeth!! Dr. Marn is a rock start to me!!! In addition, their office staff are all extremely helpful, kind, and knowledgeable with insurance process. My child is actually excited about going there for check ups.

Jessica Alvarado

Friendly and helpful staff, excellent Dentists, clean office. My kids love Dr. Jessica!! I recommend this office to everyone that is looking for a Pediatric Dentist.


Came here with my 4 year old for his first dental check up and cleaning. It went well and I thought the practitioner was very nice and professional and put my son at ease. The office is a bit cramped and shares a building with a lot of Chinese doctors' offices presumably primarily serving Chinatown. However the practice is clean, and has a nice atmosphere. I would recommend.

Caroline Jumpertz

My son has been going to Urban Pediatric Dental for the past year, and we're really happy with their service. We had a couple of bad, and very expensive, dental experiences in recent years, so we're relieved that these guys are professional, efficient, thorough and child-friendly. Dr Marn has the right personality for the job!

Kathleen Muchuelas

My two daughters come to this dental clinic. I have nothing but good things to say about this clinic. The staffs are very nice and accommodating, the clinic is clean, and dentists are very knowledgeable. My girls had a bad experience with their last dentist from another clinic and so going to their appointment was always difficult for them. But since coming to this place, my girls are always calm, relax, and not afraid. Coming to their appointments are always easy now.

Valerie Hernandez

So far my kids experience has been a good one. Only thing is the wait time sometimes and the wait area is small.

Sharon Lou

Dr. Marn was our son's savior. She performed emergency surgery the very same day and removed the full mouth infection that the previous pediatric dentist did not take care off and let his teeth rot to the point where the whole mouth was infected. So happy with all she has done and our son respects her.


Dr Fatina was so wonderful with my child who has special needs and hadn't had a proper dental exam in 3 years. I am rating 4 because the waiting area is so small and loud: there is the office music, the movie playing loudly on the TV and the videos on the kids' phones/ iPads... Let alone my child, even I couldn't bear it.

Ilya C

Everything was great. The wait wasn't long. The doctor is professional, attentive to the little patients and their nervous parents.

Ahron N

He was very happy and for the first time my son didn't cry or made a scene. He was very excited about the machine that it was used to take the picture of his mouth. As a mother, I had been always happy with their service.


Best dentist after a horrible one before finding Dr Marn. Highly recommend her.


Our son loves Dr Marn and we appreciate all she has done for him saving his mouth from major issue with the previous dentist not doing their job.

Selina C

Great facility and friendly staffs!


Dr. Marn (Urban Pediatric Dental) is THE BEST! She is kind and sweet and my children adore her. My son Marcus has been seeing Dr. Marn since he was 15 month old. Diagnosed with a severe baby tooth decay at the age of one Dr. Jessica Marn and her team went above and beyond to help us when no other dentist would. Dr. Marn always does her best to make my children feel happy and comfortable even in the most stressful situations. She is very professional and understanding and always addresses all of my concerns as a parent. No matter what the issue is, Dr. Marn is always there to help. On many occasions when we have had a dental emergency, Dr. Marn fits us in her busy schedule and even though we live 90 minutes away, it’s well worth the drive! I highly recommend Dr. Marn and my family is truly fortunate to have met the Urban Pediatric Dental Team!


OMG...I absolutely love Dr. Marn and her team. not that it matters but i'm African American and I was recommended to her by an Asian colleague of mine. Dr. Marn has such an awesome and friendly personality. My five year old son needed to have dental work under anesthesia and I couldn't have chosen a better doctor . She explained everything thoroughly and welcomed any questions about the procedure on more than one occassion. She does care for her patients and it shows. My husband and I are very happy with her work and we highly recommended her for children of all ages.


Dr Marn Is best pediatric dentist (as per my daughter ). She's caring and efficient and loving to her patients. She is generous and my kids LOVE seeing her and going to the dentist. I hated going to the dentist when I was a kid so I ended up with so much fear even now in seeing dentists. Dr Marn is great with kids because she herself is a MOM and a Pediatric dentist so she really relates well with them. It's amazing how much my kids enjoy going to her office and I noticed people in the waiting room didn't even want to leave after their appointment. Thank you Dr Marn - because of you my kids brush daily, floss and uses mouthwash! She has instilled lifelong dental habits in them that I don't have because of my childhood experience. If you care about your kids having a good experience then Dr Marn is the person for you. She is warm and honest and is worth every penny! We have used the other pediatric dentists too in the same office and they are Great too. I honestly cannot say enough about Dr. Marn! ~ 3 months ago


My son did the grate job, thank you so much dr.Marns for your patients and understanding, you really did a excellent job and making my son more comfortable, and also to your team thank you ~ 6 months ago

Spencer E Customer since 2008

Excellent pediatric dental office, really wonderful with my three kids. They never fear going for their cleaning, in fact they love going. ~ 7 months ago


Very accommodating, personable & efficient dental practice. My son has had to go back several times & he always looks forward to it. ~ 9 months ago

Eileen M Customer since 2012

We love it here. Quality care, caring and gentle handling of my daughter. Nobody, not even adults, loves going to the dentist, so these are wonderful qualities to find. ~ 10 months ago

Dr. Jessica Loo Marn is one of the sweetest, most patient dentist ever.

Both my kids currently age 14 and 8 come for their check up faithfully every six months. They have been coming to Urban Pediatric Dental for the last 8 years. Never a tear when they have to pull a tooth or fill a cavity because she works her miracle and distract them and the procedure is done before they can say ouch. Thank you for making coming to the Dentist a non-scary experience. ~ Melody Chin

If you live in NYC and need a Pediatric Dentist, I don't think you can find a better dentist for your children!!

My son had to pull out two teeth when he was barely two. We consulted with at least 3 pediatric dentists in NYC until we found Dr. Marn at Urban Pediatric Dental. Dr. Marn explained what his condition was, what procedure needed to be done and what we should expect in such detail with a very professional and yet compassionate manner. She showed us an album full of before/after pictures of similar cases to my son's. We hated the idea of having a toddler going through a surgery but she sure made us feel relieved and confident. The surgery went excellent and my son's teeth look wonderful in a great condition now. I can't find better words to describe what a wonderful Dr. Marn is!! In addition, the receptionist was very kind and thorough in explaining my insurance coverage and the bill I would get, etc.. If you live in NYC and need a Pediatric Dentist, I don't think you can find a better dentist for your children!! ~ Seongshin K.

We love it here.

Quality care, caring and gentle handling of my daughter. Nobody, not even adults, loves going to the dentist, so these are wonderful qualities to find. ~ Eileen M

Dr. Jessica Loo Marn is an absolutely incredible Pediatric Dentist!!!

Our son, Marcus, who is 3 now, has been seeing Dr. Marn since he was 14 month old. Our son had severe tooth decay and the family doctor referred us to Dr. Marn. Dr. Marn and her staff went above and beyond to help us when no other dentist would. Our son is very comfortable in her presence. She is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her patients, Dr. Marn is always there to listen and answer any questions we might have. We would strongly recommend Dr. Jessica Loo Marn!! ~ Sam L. Cortlandt, NY

I can't say enough about Dr. Marn and her staff.

I'm just so happy that I found someone as through and knowledgable for my kids. They are so comfortable with her. They use to have a fear of going to the dentist, now they don't have a problem. ~ Cologmom

Dr. Marn is an exceptional pediatric dentist, knowledgable and professional.

My daughter has been seeing Dr. Marn for 2-1/2 years since she was 2 years old. Dr. Marn is attentive & listens to your problems and concerns. She calmed my daughter down, lesson her anxiety with her patience and understanding. She has given us great advice on what & how to take care my daughters teeth. After a spotless 2 years, my daughter developed a cavity. Dr. Marn asked us questions, reviewed the examination with us and advised us on what the causes could be, as well as finding time to fix the cavity during her busy schedule. Dr. Marn is an exceptional pediatric dentist, knowledgable and professional. Without a doubt my daughter will continue to visit her and so will her younger brother, when he gets his teeth. ~ MrSan

Dr. Jessica Loo Marn is the best, I cannot say enough good things about her.

As a healthcare professional and mother of three myself, I only trust her to clean my children's teeth. I have two very active, and difficult anxious girls ages 2.5 and 3.5 years old and Dr. Marn is the only one who knows how to handle their anxiety. They have been seeing her since they were both 6 months old, they love brushing their teeth twice a day and floss every single night - YES -my two little girls ACTUALLY enjoy flossing thanks to Dr. Marn. I never had that experience with my dentist when I was younger (I went to a general dentist and to this day, I still hate going to the dentist - unlike my children). I find the staff to be very sweet and efficient, the actual dental chairs are colorful and appropriate for children and clean. Its a pediatric dental office, so expect there to be kids - and I never felt the wait to be long - keep in mind there will be some difficult kids who are unpredictable which are out of her control. I know she sees a very diverse patient population including children with disabilities and special needs which I completely respect and I hear that she is planning to open a larger office soon to accommodate her patients. There are always toys and books when we go there to keep my girls occupied until their turn. Dr. Marn is always accommodating and available. She is efficient - she cleans their teeth and always gives them some kind of toy for behaving so well and gives great advice about prevention. She actually makes the dental visit pleasant for them even if they started out crying in the beginning. I will be bringing my newborn son to her once he turns 6 months. I highly recommend. ~ momof3kids

Dr. Marn is very nice and patient.

Both of my kids, 4 y/o and 6 y/o has seen Dr. Jessica Marn for many years. Dr. Marn is very nice and patient. Both my kids LOVE to see her. My 6 y/o starts to have loose tooth, and makes me so nervous. Dr. Marn explained to me clearly about the process of tooth change and definitely made me less nervous about that. I also refer my niece and nephew there, 2 y/o and 3 y/o. Both looked like they have fun too. Staffs are very nice and friendly as well. I will definitely recommend this practice. ~ Angelina Z. Knickerbocker

Dr. Jessica Loo Marn and her staff went above and beyond to help us when no other dentist would.

When our son Marcus was only fourteen month old, we had discovered that he is suffering from severe baby bottle tooth decay. As a first time parents we had made the mistake of letting him fall asleep with a bottle. We visited our local pediatric dentists and were advised to pull all of his damaged baby teeth out. My husband and I were desperate; we hated the fact that Marcus would have no teeth until the age of six or seven and, of course, we knew that Marcus needed the baby teeth not only to eat, but also to develop normal speech. We were referred to Dr. Jessica Loo Marn by our family's dentist. Dr. Jessica Loo Marn and her staff went above and beyond to help us when no other dentist would. Not only was she able to save his baby teeth and cap them, she also did it in less than one hour, which is crucial when you have a fifteen month old screaming repeatedly. Dr. Jessica Marn taught us how to take great care of our son's baby teeth and we are truly fortunate to have met her. ~ Sarmite

The office was clean, orderly, and friendly.

My son turned 18 months and it was time for his first visit. You never think that at such a young age kids can have trouble but Dr. Marn educated me and showed me some bad cases where not taking care of your baby's new teeth can go wrong so fast. The office was clean, orderly, and friendly. My baby was terrified but the office is equipped with kid-things to calm or distract them. Dr. Marn was very helpful and i would recommend her services to anyone. ~ terkos

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Pediatric Dentist serving Lower East Side, Financial District and Tribeca
Pediatric Dentist serving Lower East Side, Financial District and Tribeca
Pediatric Dentist serving Lower East Side, Financial District and Tribeca